This is RAIMOL™
Formerly known as RAIMOL™ Energized Lubricants, RAIMOL™ Motor Oil and Lubricants is manufactured and blended using USA Technology by Rainchem International Inc. - the Philippines' most advanced and ISO Certified Lube Oil Blending Company.

Rainchem has been serving a wide variety of consumer motor and engine oils, heavy industrial lubricants, marine transport oil and greases to more than a hundred corporations in the archipelago since 1995.

Each RAIMOL™ product affords maximum safety and provides maximum efficiency, premium quality, high-viscosity virgin base oils and the latest additives for premium service performance.
"What Every Engine Needs"

RAIMOL's own laboratory and plant can formulate and blend any kind of engine oil – from motorcycle to heavy industrial machines. Thus, there is a RAIMOL™ product compatible with any kind of engine.

RAIMOL's Lube Oil Blending Process
RAIMOL's Blending Tanks
Batch Blending is the process used in blending RAIMOL lubricants. This is the mixing of the base oil and additives such as anti-wears, anti-oxidants, corrosion and rust inhibitors, detergents, etc. to provide the required properties. RAIMOL's four lubricant blending machine can blend up to 55,000 Liters of lubricants per day.
RAIMOL's Technical Expertise and Services
RAIMOL's Technical Expertise
RAIMOL has the technical expertise and capabilities in providing customer service and to educate its valued clients on the proper application of products to obtain their maximum result and efficiency.
RAIMOL's Research and Development
RAIMOL's Research And Development Equipments
Along with a complement of lubrication specialists and chemists, RAIMOL's Laboratory also employs the latest technology and methodologies for the most accurate and dependable results using modern and periodically calibrated equipments. Every client, from multinational companies to smaller organizations, receives the same level of commitment to conducting tests to exacting standards as efficiently and quickly as possible.
RAIMOL's Material and Product Quality
RAIMOL's Product Quality
RAIMOL uses only premium-quality base oils from Malaysia, Singapore and other reliable suppliers with ensured resource availability, while the additives are from the world-trusted Lubrizol and HiTEC®.

RAIMOL's Product Quality Control ensures compliance with engineering design specifications, standards and procedures, and with environmental, health and safety regulations.
RAIMOL's Plant and Storage Capacity
RAIMOL's Oil Storage
RAIMOL's semi-automated plant can blend up to 6,875 liters per hour or at least 55,000 liters lubricants per day.

RAIMOL's storage tanks with a combined capacity of 560,000 liters allows efficient storage of both raw materials and finished blended products.
About Rainchem International, Inc.
RAINCHEM INTERNATIONAL, INC. is one of the Philippines' leading lubricant companies, formulating and blending industrial lubricants, automotive oil, marine oil, metalworking fluids, and specialty lubricants. Incorporated in the Philippines, the company has been the source of innovations in custom products for various industries.

RAINCHEM is committed towards ensuring customer satisfaction by providing quality Base Oil, Lubricant products and services that meet defined customer requirements. It delivers products and services on time, by implementing and maintaining a Quality Management System that meets established standards and that complies with all statutory and regulatory requirements. Moreover, Rainchem has been an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company since 2010.

RAINCHEM has the technical expertise and capabilities in providing customer service and to educate our valued clients on the proper application of our products to obtain their maximum result and efficiency.

The company has a complement of lubricant specialists and chemists to constantly improve the performance of our products. In addition, it has its own research and development group, laboratory and manufacturing facilities at its Parañaque plant. RAINCHEM is constantly developing new technologies to respond to the needs of the industry with innovative concepts and products. RAINCHEM provides educational experiences as part of the workplace is important for the continued growth of its employees.

Its facilities includes a Blending Plant and Research Laboratory are located at Le Cul De Sac Road in Paranaque City; two remote warehouses in Cervantes Compound, Paranaque City and Valenzuela City.
Memberships and Certifications
• Corporate Member of the Philippine Institute for Supply Management (PISM)

• Certified Member of the Independent Philippine Petroleum Companies Association (IPPCA)

• ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company since 2010

• Granted with the Environmental Compliance Certificate by the Department of the Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)

• Certified for Safety by the Department of Trade and Industry (Brake Fluid Tolling Service)